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Single girder overhead crane is also called single beam bridge crane, it including LB(BQ)single girder explosion-proof overhead crane, LD Electric single girder overhead crane, LP Electric single girder overhead crane and LX Electric Single Girder Suspension Overhead Crane, they consist of the main girder, end girder, electric hoist, Engineer will design the single girder overhead crane according the different working requires.
Generally, they are used in the workshop or the place for installing the rail to lift and move the materials. The lifting capacity is 1ton~20ton, the span is 7.5m~31.5m, the working system is A3 or A4, and the lifting height is 6m~30m.

According to the size and weight, the single girder overhead crane always delivered by the 40’GP container. The detailed packing list will be sent you to picking up the goods. Additionally, some operation manual in English will be sent to you, if need, the professional installation workers will go to your factory to help install, until the single girder overhead crane test successfully.

Purchase Guide
1.Load capacity:                    (max goods weight)
3.Lifting height:                   
4.Girder Structure:                (single girder or double?)
5.Working voltage:                (phase, voltage, Hz )

If you has the workshop drawing or pictures or related any materials, please send to me to make the solution accurate, thanks! 
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