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1.Portal crane introduction
Portal crane has been widely used at port, yard, station, stack and so on. In order to quicken the turnover of the vehicles, loading and unloading, transshipment of goods on the shipping and car needs high efficiency. With the advantage of advanced capability, high working efficiency, compact frame, calm movement, comfortable operation, safety and reliability, convenience maintenance, nice appearance and so on, it can make good use of the limited space of the port, yard and other places, and is available for empty and full loaded work of shipping and can meet requirement of surface car transportation. And especially to general use port, it is a kind of hoisting machine with small investment and swiftness benefit for loading and unloading front apron container, sundries and bulk cargo. Including Four-bar Linkage Portal Crane and Single-arm Portal Crane.

1.The working environment temperature ranges : -20~+45℃.
2.The relative humidity is not higher than 95% (with dew).
3.In-service, the wind speed should be no higher than 20m/s; and out-of-service, the wind speed should be (35-42)m/s, and the parameters requirement can also be fixed according to customers, requirement.
4.The installation of the crane rail should accord with requirement of JT5022. The crane which has the special requirement for working conditions, can be manufactured following the contract

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