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Slewing crane, also being called slewing crane, is a kind of small and medium-sized lifting equipment developed in recent years. It has unique structure, being safe and reliable, owning the characteristics such as high efficiency, energy saving, save time and effort, flexible, three-dimensional empty in random operation. In the period of distance, intensive dispatching, compared to other conventional lifting equipment, it shows its superiority. It’s widely used in various locations of various industries.PJ Balance crane are suitable for the production of many varieties of small occasions feeder line plane contact line, it is the electric hoist crane, accurate and intuitive, than the mechanical hand is simple and flexible, strong versatility, has the advantages of reasonable structure, safe and easy operation, good performance, long life and other characteristics.

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1.Load capacity:                  
2. Lifting height:   
3. Working voltage:                      
4. Working radius:
5.Slewing angle:

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