European Overhead Crane
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>European-style overhead crane is classic designed, compact structure and load weight making the overhead crane size smaller. What’s more, the machine applied with frequency converted motor lead to the low noise and accurate lifting. with the different advance parts and various of protection function, European-style overhead crane is operated safety.

It divided to single girder European overhead crane and double girder European overhead crane. The lifting capacity is from 1ton to 100ton, if you have some special requirements, engineer will design the crane for you.

Purchase Guide
1.Load capacity:                     (max goods weight)
3. Lifting height:                   
4. Girder Structure:                 (single girder or double?)
5. Working voltage:                 (phase, voltage, Hz )

If you has the workshop drawing or pictures or related any materials, please send to me to make the solution accurate, thanks! 
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