U 100Ton Double Girder Hook Gantry Crane
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1. U Type 100/20ton Double Girder Gantry Crane
▪ It applies to large span, frequent loading and unloading rail on freight yard, the port, open storage, container depots and so on.
▪ The machine uses a U-shaped door frame, which is too big leg clearance (nearly 7 meters) for heavy goods grown and container handling operations.
▪ The aircraft conducting form of the trolley line and cable types, the first priority trolley line form, clear conductive form and position when ordering.

2. U Type Gantry Crane Parameters:
▪ Lifting capacity: 50/10ton 75/20ton 100/20ton
▪ Span: 16m, 30m, 35m, 40m
▪ Lifting height: 16m , 22m
▪ Working environment temperature: -20℃ ~ +40℃
▪ Lifting speed:4.62m/min ~ 7.68m/min
▪ Trolley travelling speed: 38.6m/min, 38.9m/min, 13.1m/min
▪ Crane travelling speed: 43.7m/min, 38.9m/min, 17.8m/min

3. U Type gantry crane characteristics:
▪ With box-type double-beam welded structure, to increase work space and easy transportation, installation and maintenance.
▪ the Trolley uses a conductive profiled rail cable conduction means.
▪ The parts standardization, serialization, universal.
▪ The form of power supply have cable reel (divided into left and right) and a trolley wire (divided into left and right), it can be choosed by the users.
▪ Cab vision, equipped linkage console, flexible balance operating comfort. Provided also add fans, air heaters, air coolers, air conditioners, radio, etc. according to user requirements.

4.Trade Terms & Packaging
▪ Payment terms: FOB, CFR and CIF are common trade terms. 30%T/T in advance, the balance paid before shipment or irrevocable L/C.
▪ Delivery time: within 30~40 business day after the receipt of deposit.
▪ Packaging: wood case for electric parts, accessories; large sections will be loaded onto bulk cargo ship after packing.
▪ Transportation: generally 5 days to 10 days to destination port.

5.Safety feature
▪ Weight overload protection device
▪ Lifting height limit device
▪ Voltage lower protection function
▪ Phase sequence protection function
▪ Emergency stop function

6.After sales-services
▪ 14 months warranty when products leave the factory, or 12 months warranty after installation and commissioning in addition to the human damage factors.
▪ 2 years spare-parts provided for better maintenance.
▪ Professional technical staffs provide installation, commissioning and training services.
▪ Delivery with English user manual, parts manual, product certification and other relevant certificates.
▪ Technical advisory for any time.

7. Purchase Guide
1. Load capacity:                     (max goods weight)
2. Span:
3. Lifting height:   
4. Working voltage:                 (phase, voltage, Hz )            
5. Traveling distance:
6. Rail supply:                         supply or not from us ?                                            
7. Quantity:
8. Destination port:
9. More requirements:

Please try to confirm the above information, if difficult to you, please see the specification table for your reference or tell us your questions. We will choose a suitable products for you. Thanks and Best Regards!

Gantry crane drawing
Load Capacity Main t 50 75 100
Aux 10 20 20
Span m 30 35 40 16
Lifting height Main m Above Rail 15 max 22 22 16
Aux Above Rail 15.9 max 24 22 17.5
Working system Middle (A5)
Speed Lifting Main m/min 7.68 6.25 4.62
Aux 19.8 9.28 9.28
Trolley travelling 38.6 38.9 13.1
Crane travelling 42.7 38.9 17.8
Motor Lifting Main Type YZR315S-10/63 YZR315M-10/85 YZR315M-10/85
Aux YZR250M1-8/35 YZR250M1-8/35 YZR250M1-8/35
Trolley travelling YZR160M2-6/7.5 YZR180L-8/11 YZR160M1-6/6.3
Crane travelling YZR552M-8/22×2 YZR160L-6/11×4 YZR132M2-6/4×4
Weight Trolley t 18.3 24.99 29.81
Total weight 287.4 187.8 202.03 121.5
Max wheel pressure 50 27.8 21.6
Crane rail recommended   QU80 QU80 QU80
Power supply   3-phase AC 380v 50Hz
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