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1. Electric winch application
Electric winch is driven by electric, widely used in mining area, instrallaton project, and construction. Electric winch effect is what kind of steel structure and installation and removal of large concrete machinery and equipment, through the wire rope winding drum, horizontal pulling, vertical drag heavy goods. Electric winch can be devided into fast speed and slow speed according to lifting speed.

2. The difference between fast speed electric winch and low speed electric winch
Slow speed electric winch is mainly used for cargo lifting and heavy lifting projects for construction and installation companies, mining and plant engineering works better speed performance requirements, to be able to jog slow down project.
Fast electric winch mainly used in construction, railways, factories, bridges, etc. for installation for vertical lifting, dragging heavy loads level and slope conditions.
Slow speed electric winch: JM
Fast speed electric winch: JK
Rated speed:
Slow speed electric winch rated speed: 10-18m/min
Fast speed electric winch rated speed: 19-34m/min
As the slow speed electric winch’s has better performance, the price is higher than fast speed winch’s.

3. Our electric winch characteristics:
a.Top quality with competitive price.
b.Widely used in factory, mining, shipyard or double beam cranes.
c.Compact structure and reasonable design.
d.Easy to install, operate and maintenance.
e.Low noise and good working condition.

4. Use Method
a.Erection of shed operations, and to ensure that the operator can see the commanding officer and drag or lift objects. During the construction of buildings, scaffolding and site pile material, structure, etc., should not affect the driver within the operating range of the whole process of monitoring. Is within the danger area of operations shed jobs, the top should be consistent with the requirements of protective shed.
b.Solid foundation. Hoist should be kept away from dangerous work area, select a higher terrain, soil sturdy place, buried anchor with rope and winch seat securely latched front should piling, control hoist movement and overturning.
c.Roll direction. Roll with the guide pulley center on the positive, from the roll to the first guide pulley distance, according to regulations: the grooved roll should be greater than 15 times the width of the roll, no slot reel should be more than 20 times, to prevent roll cylinder operation when the rope mutual wrong stack and the guide wheel flanges and rope wear.

5. Precautions
a.Rope barrel should be neat, if found overlap and oblique around, it should be shut down rearrange. Prohibited in the rotation by hand, foot stepped on the rope pull. Allowed to fully release the rope, at least three times should be retained.
b.Allowed knotted rope, twisted, broken in a pitch of more than 10%, should be replaced. Delivery was down.
c.Operation is completed, it should feed tray floor, shut the electric box.
d.Do not overload to use. That is more than the maximum number of carrying tons.

6.  Lectotype parameter
a.The Max. pulling capacity?(Ton or KN)
b.Lifting speed?(m/min) (to confirm fast speed or low speed)
c.The Max. rope length?(m)
d.Diameter of wire rope?(or following our standard)
e.The power source standard?(380V, 50Hz, 3phase or others)
f.How to use the winch?(Lifting or horizontal pull?)
g.What type material will you to pull(lift)?

Please try to confirm the above information, if difficult to you, please see the specification table for your reference or tell us your questions. We will choose a suitable products for you.

Electric winch drawing

Fast speed electric winch

Model JK JK 0.5 T JK 1 T JK 1.5 T JM 2 T JM 3 T JM 5 T
Rated Line Pull(KN) 5 10 15 20 30 50
Reducer overall ratio(I) 36.6 40.59 54.38 54.9 88.6 119.34
Drum Diameter(MM) 165X300 165X400 219X460 219X475 219X570 325X625
Capacity of drum(m) 50(100) 70(160) 80(170) 80(180) 100(150) 0(200)
Wire rope Motor model 6X19 6X19 6X19 6X19 6X19 6X19
Diameter(MM) 7.7 9.3 11 12.5 15.5 19.5
Rope lifting speed(m/min) 22 22 22 16 16 9
Motor Motor model Y100L-4 Y132S-4 Y132M-4 Y32M-4 Y160M-4 Y160L-6
Motor rating(KW) 2.2 5.5 7.5 7.5 11 11
Motor rated speed(r/min) 1420 1440 1440 1440 1440 970
Brake model TJ2-100 TJ2-150 TJ2-200 TJ2-200 TJ2-200 YZW300/45
Overall dimensions
(length * width * height)
710X575X340 720X745X400 920X860X500 920X860X530 1130X1020X550 1330X1135X800
Total weight(Kg) 120 230 340 450 550 800

Low speed electric winch

Model JM JM5 (1) JM5 (2) JM8 JM10 JM12 JM16 JM20
Rated Line Pull (KN) 50 50 80 100 120 160 200
Reducer overall ratio (I) 119.34 119.34 174.93 200.8 223.81 273.35 304.37
Drum Drum speed (r/mm) 8.1 8 5.49 4.8 4.3 3.15 3.15
Capacity of drum (m) 0(200) 0(200) 0(300) 0(300) 0(300) 0(300) 0(450)
Wire rope Motor model 19.5 19.5 26 30 32 36.5 39
Diameter (MM) 6*19 6*19 6*19 6*37 6*37 6*37 6*37
Rope lifting speed (m/min) 9 9 8 9 9 8 8
Motor Motor model Y160L-6 Y160L-6 YZR180L-6 YZR200L-6 YZR225M-6 YZR225M-6 YZR225M-6
Motor rating (KW) 11 11 15 22 30 30 45
Motor rated speed (r/min) 970 960 960 960 960 960 960
Brake model YWZ-300/45 YWZ-300/45 YWZ-300/45 YWZ-300/45 YWZ-300/45 YWZ-400/45 YWZ-400/90
Overall dimensions
(length * width * height)
1550*1160*800 1550*1160*800 1730*1565*890 1945*1928*951 2550*2000*1050 2850*3200*1500 3000*3850*1700
Total weight (Kg) 950 1200 1965 3200 4250 6200 7500

Lectotype parameter :
If you want to order electric winch, Pls tell me the details as follows:
1. The Max. pulling capacity?(Ton or KN)
2. Lifting speed?(m/min)
3. The Max. rope length?(m)
4. Diameter of wire rope?(or following our standard)
5. The power source standard?(380V, 50Hz, 3phase or others)
6. How to use the winch?(Lifting or horizontal pull?)
7. What type meterial will you to pull(lift)?
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